Daily Routine

Morning Writing

It’s Tuesday, January 7, 2020. It was a cool 38 degrees F on my front porch in The Colony, Texas at 5:30 AM. Sunrise is still two hours away as I write this post.

I’m enjoying a grande Pike Place Roast coffee this morning at my favorite coffeehouse (Starbucks, on Preston, just north of Lorimar, in Plano, Texas). Today’s agenda includes morning devotion, writing, walking, more paperwork at home. I have more house cleaning as well.

I also have an early afternoon appointment for follow-up on my cataract surgery. I am still having bad eye pressure issues in my right eye. In addition to the cataract surgery, I’ve had two previous glaucoma surgeries. We will see how I am doing or if we need to change to strong drops (industrial strength?)

Hoping to do some afternoon writing at the Starbucks on Preston Rd in Plano just south of Hwy 121 and north of Headquarters Dr. I hope to walk at Stonebriar Mall before or after the writing.

Having a Daily Routine

I believe it’s important to have a daily routine. It helps give purpose to life. It allows people to miss you when you’re not there. It keeps you mentally and physically fit. As a widower, all of these are important.

Oh, I shaved a few days stubble off my face. Personal grooming is also important for the widower. Today’s photo shows today’s shave.

From My Morning Devotion

From the morning devotion — “Many of us have made our prayer closet a supply closet. We only go in there for things. We don’t go in there for a relationship with God. Instead of seeking Him, we seek things! We have built shelves in our prayer closets, making it difficult to get inside. So we simply reach in and get what we want. It’s time that we believers take the shelving out of our supply closets and make them our prayer closets again.”

And life goes on, one day at a time.

Photo source: selfie by the author.

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