Should I Get The Covid Vaccine?

Should I Get the Covid-19 Vaccine?


One decision you face as a widower concerns the Covid-19 vaccine. The question is to get the vaccine or not to get the vaccine.

Maybe you’re like me, you have gone most of the last year without seeing your adult children and grandchildren. You wear facemask when you see them. Maintaining social distancing continues, and you long for the old normal. That’s my story.

I got the vaccine. Several factors contributed to my decision. The death of a favorite maternal uncle of who was only seven years older than me drove home the reality of the virus. I longed to do some things I had stopped doing because of the pandemic.

Centers For Disease Control

The Centers for Disease Control told me that fully vaccinated people can return to some of the pre-Covid activities. My uncle’s death also impacted my decision. 

Like him, I have preexisting medical conditions that place me at higher risk. Even though I’m retired, I’ve not yet turned 70 years old. Living to the same age as my mother I should have another fourteen years. Survining to my father’s age should give me another quarter century. 

I don’t want Covid to rob me of potential those years. My grown children could still use having a dad around from time to time when they ask for my counsel or just need me.

Moderna was the vaccine I got. I had the first one on February 4, 2021. They administered it at the Texas Motor Speedway in Denton County, Texas. The process was straightforward, and I was in and out of the drive through facility in 30 minutes, including my fifteen minute wait after the vaccine. I had no issues.

My second vaccine was on March 6, 2021. It was just as smooth of an experience. I developed some mild body aches and ran a fever of less than one-hundred degrees for under thirty-six hours. The reward was worth the risk.

It’s hard to explain the feelings of relief I felt after the vaccines two-week period past where I was “full-vaccinated.” Freedom, a loss of fear, and a feeling like I had a get out of jail free care greeted me as I went to the grocery store with my mask still on, but fear of the disease almost gone.

I also trust the United States Government Center for Disease Control. You can find their guidelines and thoughts on the Covid vaccine at the link below.

It’s a personal decision on getting the vaccine. I got it.


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