Memorial Day 2021


Memorial Day is a great way to remember. As a widower, I’ve lost my wife. I have the sweet remembrances of our decades together.

I can use days like Memorial Day to educate my adult children and grandchildren about my country’s history and my family history.

Three Holidays for the US Military

In the United States of America we have three holidays for the US military.

  1. Armed Forces Day – for those who are wearing their uniform,
  2. Memorial Day – for those who died in military service who never took off their uniform, and
  3. Veterans Day – for those who served, have taken off their uniform, and now have it hanging in their closet.

Soldier Flag Photo Memorial Day Facebook Post-4

Holiday Traditions

You can start or continue a family tradition by spending a few minutes visiting the grave of a family member or extend family member who died in service. You can use the day to fellowship with your family as well as make sure they remember the sacrifices your family and friends have mad.


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