I had my third Moderna Covid-19 shot (the booster shot).

Still smiling and going after my third Moderna Covid-19 shot – the booster shot.

The Booster Shot

Here’s an update on my third Moderna Covid-19 shot (the booster shot). I received the shot on September 1, 2021 at 4:30 PM from CVS pharmacy inside a Target store.

How I Qualified

I qualified for the booster shot because I am on a prescription steroid medication that is an immunosuppressant. The pharmist asked what RX I was taking. I had brought the RX with me and showed him.

The shot didn’t hurt. He asked me which arm I for the jab. I get allergy shots twice a week in each arm so I’m used to shots. I chose the left arm because I’m primarily right handed.Wednesday night I had no noticeable side effects.

Side Effects

I woke up Thursday morning with the arm where I got the shot having pain. It felt like someone had been punching it over and over. Pain in the arm on injection is a common side effect.

Throughout the rest of my body I had tiredness, a headache, muscle and joint pain. In the evening I started running a low grade temperature – 98.9. I usually have a temperature in the range of 97.9 to 98.2. I took acetaminophen and drank lots of water which helped.

I also developed chills where I had to add clothing on help stop them. Nausea also decided to visit me.

Overnight Thursday I experienced night sweating. I was bad enough I had to change into a fresh pair of pajamas and change my sheets. A nice, long, cool shower provided some relief.

The third jab was not as bad for me as it was after the second shot.

The side effects were all in the expected category. The third jab was not as bad for me as it was after the second shot.

I’ll take the side effects over catching Covid-19. I decided to delay my usual allergy shot until these side effects subside.

Doing Follow-up with the CDC.

I am doing weekly follow-up on how I react to the shot with the CDC. I volunteered to do help them by sharing my experience.

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