The Christmas House

Christmas and Holiday Movies

’tis the season for watching Christmas and holiday movies. On of the fun traditions I had with my late wife was watching Hallmark Holiday Movies. It brought out the child in both of us. Fun describes the viewing.

The Christmas House

This week I continued the tradition. The movie watched was “The Christmas House.” Here’s a brief summary of the movie. 

Summary of the Movie

Mitchell family matriarch Phylis and patriarch Bill face some tough adjustments due to Phyllis recent retirement. She fails to adjust to it as easily as her hubby Bill. The couple has summoned their two grown sons – TV star, Mike Mitchell and Brandon Mitchell – home for the holidays. 

It is their hope that bringing the family together to recreate the Christmas house, will help them find resolution and make a memorable holiday for the entire family and community. 

As Brandon and his husband Jake make the trip home, they are anxiously awaiting a call about the adoption of their first child. Meanwhile, Mike reconnects with Andi, his high school sweetheart who recently divorced and moved back home living with her mother. She just happens to be a realtor and has the Mitchell home as a new listing. 

The Movie Stars

The movie stars Robert Buckley, Ana Ayora, Treat Williams, Sharon Lawrence, Jonathan Bennett, Brad Harder, and Mattia Castrillo.

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